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Interested in Joining the Lab?

The Martin lab is an interdisciplinary research group. We encourage students and postdocs with experimental or computational backgrounds to inquire about our lab. Contact Adam Martin with your CV and research interests if you are interested.

We welcome trainees of any race, nationality, biological sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, parental status, physical ability, and age. For how we practice this in the lab, see lab policies.


Postdoctoral Associates

Graduate Students

Undergraduate Students

Lab Alumni

Hannah Yevick (2015-2022) – Assistant Professor of Physics, Brandeis University

Jasmin Imran Alsous (2018-2021) – Research Scientist, Developmental Dynamics, CCB, Flatiron Institute

Yujie Li (2014-2015) – Software Development Engineer at Audible, Inc.

Soline Chanet (2012-2017) – Permanent Researcher, CRCN, CNRS, Paris, France

Jeanne Jodoin (2014-2017) – Patent Specialist at Nixon Peabody

Frank Mason (2011-2016) – Research Assistant Professor at Vanderbilt University

Anna Yeh (2017-2023) – Works at Abcam

Jaclyn Camuglia (2017-2022) – Works at Loxo Oncology

Marlis Denk-Lobnig (2016-2021) – Postdoc at University of Michigan at Ann Arbor (Kevin Wood’s lab)

Clint Ko (2015-2020) – Postdoc at Rockefeller University (Shyer lab)

Natalie Heer (2012-2018) – Senior Data Scientist at C.H. Robinson

Jonathan Coravos (2012-2017) – Private Investor at Viking Global Investor

Shicong ‘Mimi’ Xie (2012-2016) – Postdoc at Stanford University (Skotheim Lab)

Claudia Vasquez (2011-2015) – Assistant Professor, University of Washington

Jennifer Nwako (2019-2020) – Graduate Student at University of North Carolina at Chapell Hill

Vardges Tserunyan (2018-2019) – Graduate student at University of Southern California (Computational Biology and Bioinformatics)

John Solitro (2017-2018) – Research Associate at Tessera Therapeutics

Mike Tworoger (2011-2017) – Laboratory Operations Coordinator at Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute in Tampa, FL

Elena Kingston (2014-2015) – Postdoc at CalTech

Selam Daniel Brook (2022-2023) – Undergraduate at MIT

Isias Workeneh (2022) – Undergraduate at MIT

Uzuki Horo (2021-2023) – Graduate student at Institut Pasteur, Paris, France

Prateek Kalakuntla (2019-2021) – Graduate student at Stanford University

Apolonia Gardner (2019) – Graduate student at Harvard University (Chemistry)

Virapat Kieuvongngam (2012-2013)- Graduate student at Rockefeller University (Biology)

Fernando Melara Barahona (Summer 2022) – Graduate student at Vanderbilt University

Chidera Okeke (Summer 2021) – Graduate student at MIT (Biology)

Babli Adhikar (Summer 2019) – Graduate student at University of Michigan at Ann Arbor

Eeshit Vaishnav (Summer 2014) – Graduate student at MIT (Biology)

Anjaney Kothari (Summer 2013) – Graduate student at Virginia Tech (Biomedical Engineering)